Honeycomb boards are used for creating decors, partitions, models, exhibition backgrounds, art and creation at a low cost and with excellent quality! The boards are manufactured with a brown or white paper coating.
The boards are extremely comfortable for shaping, are easily cut with a cutting knife, can be painted and drawn on with all paint types, pasted on with any glue, and coated with various materials with a multitude of colors.
The boards are ideal as raw material for creative work lessons in schools and art workshops.
Spectacular sets can be designed for plays and events. The preparation of the set is easy and efficient- no need for special accessory aids for preparing the sets.
  Screens   Single Boards   Single Boards  
  Connected and folding screens, added.  
in pairs or triplets, with compressed cardboard
raised border finish, for setting up in mobile
or fixed exhibition. Wooden legs + wheels
can be added for  easy comfortable mobility.
  Single 200X120 cm boards, 15/20/25/30 mm. thick   Single 110X185 cm. board reinforced with hard raised border finish, 25 mm. thick. Wheels for board mobility can be added.
  Corrugated cardboard (single face)   Stands and tables   Digital printing   
  Single- face corrugated cardboard roll;
width 100 cm, length 50 meters.

  Custom- made stands and tables of various sizes.   Printing on white cardboard in various sizez according to order.  
  Edge Protectors   Gallery      
 Digital printing catalog (German)
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