Manufactured with one of the most advanced technologies in the world,
and out of high-quality raw materials. This combination enables us to manufacture
extremely strong and high-quality Edge protectors.

The strength and size of the edge protectors can be fitted as necessary.
There is no need to pay for additional weight and space.
Enables placing one pallet on top of the other, thus the volume of transportation and warehouses
can be optimally utilized. Use of a hard corner significantly reduces transportation damage.
Cheaper and lighter than wood and/or metal. No need for returning or paying for recycling.

• The edge protector is clean, without nails or splinters.
• No need for treatment with pesticide.
• Does not shed wood chippings on pallets and in warehouse.
• A two-colored logo can be printed on the hard Edge Protection.

          A variety of edge protectors  
  Dimensions   Edge protector   Edge protectors for creating a 90° angle  

  Packaging reinforcement   Horizontal protection   Protection of product corners  
  The packaging can be reinforced from inside  with edge protectors.

Sensitive products, electronic products and more.
  The edge protectors stabilize the pallet and provide protection during storage and transportation.

Uses: Agricultural produce (fruits, vegetables etc), food products, industrial products, and more.
  Protects and supports products throughout entiremanufacturing and transportation process,

Uses: Aluminum industries, wooden boards, and more…
  Strength in a stack   Protection against tying damages      
  By correctly selecting the angle,
The pallet can be reinforced andplacing one pallet on top of the other can be made possible,
thus optimally utilizing the transportation and storage volume.
Uses: Machine manufacturers, automotive industry and more.
  Protects products against trying damages,
Uses: Industrial plants, board manufacturers (wood, Formica, etc)and more..   

                                Rounded edge protectors    
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