Cardboard roll (single face)   Air Bags   Single&double wave cardboard boards and boxes  
  Corrugated cardboard roll for protecting surfaces and packing products.  
BF wave- dimensions:
Width 25-144 cm.
Length: 50 meters.              
EF wave- dimensions:
Width: 120 cm..
Length: 100 meters.
EF, BF sheet : custom made dimensions.

  (Exclusive representatives of Aran Nachshon) Air bags for filling in spaces and nautical containers. 
61X51 cm.
92 X62 cm.
92X 180 cm
Inflation pressure: up to 3.0 PSI.
Printing possibility.
Die works.

  Gray paper sheets          
  • Custom made dimensions.
• 300-1100 gram/sqm.


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