Cardboard tubes casting molds
Standard length: 3 m., 4 m. 
Diameter: 900 and 1000 mm Standard length:1 m.

  Spacer   Nylon Rolls    
  4 cm high, creates separation, as per required Standard, between the honeycomb slab and the iron.                                                                                        100 micron, width 1 m., opens up to 2 m.    
  Corrugated cardboard roll (Single- face)   Side sheets      
  Corrugated cardboard roll for protecting areas            and for packing products.
BF wave- dimensions:
Width: 25-144 cm.
Length: 50 m.
EF wave-dimensions:
Width: 120 cm.
Length: 100 m.
EF, BF sheet: custom-made dimensions.
  80 * 40/30  Non-breakable, easy to cut, lightweight and durable over time.    
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