• Pallet model and composition is suited to the dimensions, weight and type of goods the pallet has to carry. Do not pay for surplus material.
• The low weight (2-4 kg.) of the various pallet models, compared with its wooden counterpart (10-15 kg.) saves on the payment for air carriage.
• Padding over and underneath the pallet is not needed.
• No need for pallet returning, payment for repeat carriage, correction, and account reconciliation with customers.

• Pallet is made entirely from recyclable materials.

• The pallet is clean, without nails and splinters.
• Does not require pesticide treatment and is approved for use in countries such as the USA, Australia, China and New Zealand. Recently, Europe and
  Turkey have given their approval as well.
• Every pallet to be used is new, clean and hygienic.
• Does not leave wood chippings between the conveyor belts, and within the products.

Easy to use
• The materials from which the pallet is made and its light weight facilitate its lifting and moving.
• The packaging can be easily attached/connected to the pallet, or only glue on supporting legs.
• Pallet is manufactured with dimensions as per customer's needs. In addition, minimal height is from 50 mm. for maximum utilization of container
• Into every model, boards with different widths and strengths can be incorporated, as well as legs with different heights as necessary.

  D/D - Pallet for a light weight
(up to 200kg).
  D/H - Pallet for a medium weight
(up to 400 kg).
  H/H -Pallet for a heavy weight
(up to 800 kg).
  Height:  8.5 cm. weight: approx. 2.5 kg./ sqm. Comprised of upper (double) and lower (single) corrugated cardboard sheets;
legs out of honeycomb board .

  Height: 10 Cm, weight: approx. 3.1 kg./sqm.
Comprised of honeycomb board sheet , lower sheet -corrugated cardboard (double/single), legs out of honeycomb board.

  Height: 13 cm, weight: approx. 2.5 kg. Comprised of upper sheet, lower sheet and legs all made of honeycomb board.  
  Pallet for hand-held cart,  medium weight
(up to 400 kg). 
  Pallet for hand-held cart 4 way entry
(up to 600 kg) 
  Reinforced honeycomb pallet for shelving
(up to 600 kg)
  Height:13 cm, weight: approx. 2.5 kg. Comprised of honeycomb board upper sheet and 3 honeycomb board legs.   Height: 13 cm. Comprised of honeycomb board upper sheet + 9 honeycomb board leg blocks.    Height: 11 cm, Weight: approx. 2.5 kg.; Comprised of honeycomb upper sheet that folds to protect the legs+ 3 legs and reinforcing.  
  H/PU - Reinforced U Pallet   H/P -Pallet for forklift and hand-held cart   Forklift pallet with raised rims   
  Pallet with plastic legs and added U-shaped raised border around, reinforces the pallet and protects against forklift damage.
This pallet enables loading up to approx. 1000 kg. subject to cargo type and transportation conditions.

  4 - way entry for heavy weight ( up to 800 kg)
Height: 13 cm., Weight: approx. 3 kg. Comprised of strong honeycomb board upper sheet+ 9 telescopic plastic legs (40 pallets per package).
  A pallet as above, with added raised rims Edge Protectors around, prevents slippage of merchandise and protects against damage by fastening bands.   
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