Yamaton Honeycomb Containers 
are used for packing products in all industries and are designed to meet all transportation and storage needs.
The Honeycomb Containers
 durability and carrying ability are excellent and thus these comprise a high-quality, lighter and cheaper substitute for wooden packaging's  for heavy products.
Honeycomb board
The honeycomb sheet is manufactured at widths ranging from 10 mm. up to 200 mm., with different compositions that provide the strength required for implementation.
The advantage of the honeycomb board stems from the excellent ratio between the material's strength and low weight; this ratio is achieved as a result of the hexagonal structure of the cells.
The honeycomb board excels at padding, protection and shock absorbing abilities.

Wrap- around cases Advantages

• Wrap around is custom-made with dimensions as per customer's needs, for maximum utilization of container
   and transportation volume.
• The low weight of the various models of the Honeycomb Containers compared with its wooden or
   heavy 3- layered corrugated cardboard counterparts enables lifting and moving it easily and saves on
   air carriage costs.
• The honeycomb does not require pesticide treatment.
• The Honeycomb Containers can be connected to a wooden pallet, honeycomb legs can be pasted, or
  plastic legs can be connected.
• Into every model, boards with varied thickness and strength can be incorporated, as well as legs with
   different heights, as necessary.
• Various materials can be incorporated into the packaging.
• Shock absorbing and filling materials.
• The interior of the packaging can be padded with various materials as necessary, from foams up to
   shaped honeycomb sheets made by die processing, with varying thickness.

Prominent advantage of recycling over wooden packagings.         
Multi-purpose wrap-around cases 
  Padded warp around cases for product protection   Containers for the automotive industry   Wrap -around cases for special needs  
  Bicycle Wrap-around cases   Liquid Accumulator Wrap-around cases        Gigantic wrap-around cases  

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