Consumer product protection and packaging   Surface-handling Products   Containerization  
  • Suitable for refrigerators, ovens, air
  conditioners, equipment cupboards
  and furniture with appropriate protection.
• Minimal volume in the warehouse and at
  packing points.
• Industrial packaging that fits in with the line
  without interruptions in manufacturing
• "Clear" packaging that accentuates the
  • Separators between product layers.
• Dividers between pallets loaded in stacks.
• Corners for protecting and unifying cargo.
  • Filling in unnecessary spaces in the container and
  in the bowels of the ship.
• Aluminum-coated boards possessing thermal
  insulation capabilities.
• Absorption of humidity and condensation of drops
  on the container's roof.
• Simple, quick containerization process, not
  requiring  inflation facilities, such as pressurized
  air, compressors, etc.
• Container boards- filling air pockets, padding and
  fastening products located near container door    
  Cardboard boards for product protection   Die Products   Gift Packages  
  • Boards for filling in spaces between the product
  and the packaging container stabilize the product 
  within the packaging while providing maximum
• Boards for maximum protection of sensitive 
  products during transportation.
• Partitions for padding between product layers.
• The boards are manufactured out of various paper
  compositions, up to 150 cm width, at any required
  length, and with 10-200 mm. thickness.
  • Enable cutting out and embedding within
  them; can be used for maximum-safety
  packing of highly sensitive products,
  electronic instruments and other fragile
• Matched to product's dimensions;
  maintaining minimal volume.
• Die costs are low.

  • Honeycomb exposed on one side, with embedding
  according to products.
• Enable protection while accentuating the products
  and having a natural appearance.


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