Providing packaging solutions and construction with environmentally-friendly products
getting in line with the ecological mindset of preserving the environment.

The factory started out in 1986 as IMA, a factory for manufacturing corrugated cardboard,
as a department for manufacturing products out of honeycomb core and panels. 

Ownership and Location
In 1995, due to an increase in activity in Israel and overseas, it was decided to remove the factory from the premises of IMA and construct a new factory in Kibbutz Gaaton.
Nowadays, the factory is equally owned by Kibbutz Gaaton and Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz.
The factory's area is approximately 8,000 SQM of built-up land and approximately 10,500 SQM of land for development.
The factory has an extension plan of an additional 4,000 SQM.
In addition, Yamaton holds, with full ownership, an identical factory for manufacturing honeycomb products in the Rostock Port in Germany.
In 2013, Yamaton Israel acquired the Simprotec Co., whose specialty is designing and manufacturing packages made of a combination of foam and corrugated cardboard, mainly for the hi-tech, medicine and electronic equipping and packaging industries.

Design & Planning
The factory specializes in providing packaging and construction solutions in Israel and overseas.
The factory has a design & planning team that provides a total solution for product protection and transportation, including computerized simulation using the Solid-Works 3D software, assistance with comprehensive planning of the pallet and shipping container, paper strength tests etc…

Quality Control and Standardization
Since its establishment, the factory possesses ISO-9002 certification, and Green Label;
wooden add-ons are treated accorded to the ISPM-15 international standard.

Areas of activity
- honeycomb slabs for suspended  floor.
Carpentry - honeycomb for filling in internal doors.
Pallets - loading pallets.
Containerization & Partitions - for filling containers and surface padding.
Product Protection - from damage during transportation.
Honeycomb Containers (wrap around) - with incorporated materials.
Edge Protectors -  for surface unification and corner protection.
Corrugated Cardboard – single face, boards and boxes.
Air bags - for containers.
Décor - boards and screens.

We represent the following companies:
- a factory for manufacturing and processing corrugated cardboard which is among the market leaders.
Arizot Sderot - a factory for manufacturing single face rolls and large cardboard boxes.
IMA Engineering - manufacture of honeycomb manufacturing and processing machines.
Aran Nachshon - manufacture of air bags for containerization.
Drot - Manufacture of round molds for column casting.

Our clients include industrial plants from all industries: plastic, chemistry, glass, metal, medicine, aluminum, food, paper, packaging and equipping, protection, plasterboard, safes, medical and hi-tech equipment, door factories, contractors and construction yards.
Yamaton is very widely deployed in industrial plants and the construction market.
Address: kibuts Ga'aton 2513000   Tel: 972-4-9859764   Fax: 972-4-9859770   E-mail:
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